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Although being founded in the hills of Byron Bay Australia, Byron Bay CBD products are currently only available in the legal territories of North America and Europe. Due to Australia's tough TGA regulation, shipping and distribution to Australians is quite costly and complicated. Currently, no low-dose CBD products meet the testing requirements to qualify for Australia’s over-the-counter pharmacy sale framework. 

Byron Bay CBD plan on importing into Australia so that their high-dose CBD products can be sold under prescription by TGA approved medical outlets throughout Australia. 

Having a prescription for low-THC / High-CBD products doesn't mean you’re in the clear, Australia’s current drug-driving legislation is prosecuting patients for trace amounts of THC in their system.



William Leonard Stolk, the CEO of Byron Bay CBD, a former professional skier turned cannabis activist and entrepreneur is also is a passionate advocate for the cannabis industry. He has been involved in the industry for many years and has worked with numerous cannabis companies. Stolk is committed to promoting the responsible use of cannabis and ensuring that people have access to safe and effective cannabis products.

Stolk is also involved in numerous cannabis advocacy organizations, including the National Cannabis Industry Association and the Australian Hemp Council as well as co-founding cannabis advocacy group ‘Who Are We Hurting?’ with fellow activist and artist Alec ‘Craze’ Zammitt.


Part of the “Who Are We Hurting” activism message is for full recreational legalisation of cannabis which would mean that CBD products could be sold over the counter by non-pharmacy stores just like in the USA, Canada, Mexico and most major European countries, as these CBD products are considered hemp based products and only carry a very small percentage of less than 0.01 % THC in each product.

Byron Bay CBD recently put their money where its mouth is by sponsoring the latest 420 protest title ‘Driving with THC, shouldn’t make you an enemy’ by the “Who Are We Hurting” army. Byron Bay CBD believe companies must put in effort to see the change they would like to see.

In the latest protest, activists launched a huge campaign to decriminalise drivers with THC found in their system in New South Wales.

While the effectiveness of drug policy in the country has been a long, heated debate for quite some time, demonstrators are now campaigning for the rights of drivers who have a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

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